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FireAngel Fusion Sugar Substitute - One drop is as sweet as one tsp of sugar.  333 Servings per bottle. FireAngel Ozone Water Purifier - Enjoy the fresh, light taste of ozonated water.  Remove a wide range of contaminants from drinking water. Wash produce in ozonated water to keep it fresher longer.

Pajet (Angel) Monet
Master Herbologist

ature has provided wonderful herbs, each with specific health-enhancing properties. The problem is there are about 100 of them you need to take to really feel your best.

At FireAngel, we have compiled these amazing herbs into targeted formulations making it practical to take advantage of their beneficial properties.

I invite you to try these herbal blends and feel the difference for yourself.

Targeted Formulas

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Energy & Clarity
Natural Fibers & Enzymes  
Heart & Circulation    
Joints & Cartilage    
Men's Fire / Women's Fire
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