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The FireAngel Team are a dynamic team of media specialists, digital and social media strategists, web designers, bloggers, tech-enthusiasts and analytics specialists. Together, we seamlessly integrate the complex communications landscape. We create compelling strategic narratives, develop attention-grabbing content, and amplify through PR, social, and digital channels ~ all while measuring effectiveness with market-leading analytics. We are very mission oriented and we thrive on the ever-changing challenge of the dynamics of this digital age.

Dr. Pajét Monet

Executive Director

Pajét Monet

Dr. Monet is an electrical engineer and a successful entrepreneur.  In 2002, she established ComTech Networking, a company that marketed and supported high-tech computer networking solutions, to the government, military and institutional customers.  After seven years, ComTech was folded into WideBand Networking, where Dr. Monet continues as a major shareholder to this day.

Since 2010, Dr. Monet has been involved in public relations and advertising specializing in electronic media.  She is expert in SEO and AdWord marketing techniques.  The FireAngel Media Group was established to support various technology offerings, and to mentor and train newcomers to the field.

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At FireAngel we specialize in major Public Presence initiatives and projects, from conception-to-finaliziation, with the utmost care and distinction for quality and excellence.

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