Crisis Intervention

This is a topic of profound importance to me. Everyone has hurts. Some hide it better than others and we all deal with them differently. If we look, really look with the eyes of caring, we can learn to really see each other. I believe every life is precious and everyone needs to be there for someone.

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Me On Science L!VE

Tune in every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. CST  →

Science L!VE is a mentoring program of Dr. Roger Billings. Every Wednesday, I get to join in these sessions which teach students the importance of education and help them to understand how knowledge will empower their future.

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The FireAngel Butterfly

You can be a caterpillar crawling around on the ground, or you can be a butterfly.  If you choose to be a butterfly, don’t be just any butterfly — be a FireAngel Butterfly.  The difference is the FireAngel Butterfly radiates light, an outward glow of inspiration and hope even in the darkness.   Be that kind of butterfly.


Join the FireAngel Movement

Definition of Movement: A change or development

Become part – how? It is simple; decide you are going to use your sword of love and fight fire with fire, pushing the dark clouds of life away with your love and inspiring hope within all. If it’s beautiful, if it’s uplifting and it inspires – It is Us!